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Nearing completion of my cobra I began to consider the IVA test without relish for either the application or transportation. Fortunately, I found John & Cath who took care of the process, including transportation. Further assistance, for example the machining of a bush that unbeknown to myself was missing from the steering column, causing intermittent horn sounding when steering, was fundamental towards success. Post passing IVA, arrangements for the cars ride height and wheel alignment correction were made and satisfied on the same day. Beyond this they offered to submit the application for registration which was gratefully accepted. Regardless of the nature of your enquiry I highly recommend JC Autosports to be your port of call.

Keith Stezaker

There are two types of Cobra owners Those that build Those that buy 1 bought my Cobra last year because I have neither the skill or facilities to build As a buyer I soon discovered that I needed a company capable of helping me with a few handling issues I inherited with the car… a company with the knowledge and experience, to help me overcome these issues… Being from the north, I was concerned, that I’d struggle to find such a company. I reached out to the Cobra community for recommendations and was given the details of JC Autosports by a number of people From the outset, John was helpful and understanding … I quickly realised that he was the one person that would help me resolve the problems John offers a door to door service and a full and accurate quotation for the work that will be undertaken In a nutshell, the car was returned to me and utterly transformed … My car is now everything that I wanted it to be. Thanks to John and his team. A few other minor niggles were highlighted and dealt with whilst the car was in his care No, hidden surprises. Just good communication, and excellent work at fair prices. 1 would have no doubts about recommending JC Autosports to anyone in a similar situation to myself that is looking for the support of a specialist in Cobra vehicles These guys really were a godsend They are also a northern AK agent and build cobras from the ground up Massively talented, super friendly and skilled at what they do…

Richard Scott

John has developed an enviable amount of knowledge regarding Cobra Replicas. He has built several different marks to an impressive quality and being a very honest & personable chap, he is always able to spend time advising/guiding others when asked (has helped me several times with Cobra related questions). I know he will do well whatever he turns his attention to and others will benefit accordingly. I would recommend him to anyone for Cobra build related questions/debate/orders.

Graham Heatrick

I have known John for around 10 years we first met at the paint spray business where my DAX Cobra was being sprayed since this meeting we have grown into a friendship not just beyond the shared interest of kit cars and club tours.

John is diligent, honest, very thorough and gives a professional approach with all his customers. John has a vast range of knowledge and experience in the kit car build area.

His Cars builds include Go Karts, Dax Cobras, AK cobras, Factory Five Daytona coupe and assisted has with Gardner Douglas car builds.

Engines that John has has built for Kit cars include Chevy small block LS3 and LSX engine builds.

John has vast experience in importation from overseas. Examples of which are a Full Factory Five Daytona Coupe from the USA. Various other components such as wheels, gearboxes etc from the US Europe and Asia.

John is always available and has supplied actual hands-on assistance to numerous colleagues at build, modification and repair stage of Project Car builds.

You can be guaranteed that any interaction with John and Catherine will leave you feeling confident and enthusiastic to progress your chosen project and get you behind the wheel of your own built car.

David Platt

British Nuclear Fuels

It is a great privilege for me to recommend John Sharples and Catherine Gaskell of JC Autosports and wish them every success for the future.
I have personally known John for seven years and during that period have witnessed his expert building and engineering skills. As a retired Quality Manager of a multi-million-pound company, I fully understand the skillset that John has built up over many years.

Charlie Freeman

Joint Rep, East Midlands Region, UK Cobra Club

Listen up people I’ve just purchased an AK LS3 from John. I’m no fool around cars, been in the game 50 years and I can assure you anything cobra related stop looking around. This man is top of the game, over and above factory builds with a wealth of knowledge in this field so if you’re in the market contact JC Autosports without further ado!!!

By the way I don’t do reviews this is my first ever and this man deserves the highest honours available YOU WON’T BE SORRY!!!!!!! Spend your money wisely!

Paul Brown