Hello all and welcome back to the Daytona Coupe build.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New year! As we are rapidly heading into spring, it’s that time of year to get the road tax sorted, blow off the cobwebs from our cars and head out to the hills for some more fantastic 2023 driving.

For myself, I have to be honest with you all that I’ve been making slow progress with the build over the winter months. However, as the saying goes the last 10% of the build, takes 90% of the time due to ensuring things are all buttoned down and completed. I like things to be done right first time and work towards a reliable vehicle.

I did have some big ideas over the Christmas break with getting the car completed, but unfortunately other work commitments got in the way and things did not go exactly to plan.

One job in particular I did actually work on, was one that I thought was going to be a very simple task. Boy how wrong was I.

My plan was to complete the front and rear anti roll bar installs and realistically this should have only taken a couple of hours tops. How hard could it be to bolt two brackets to the chassis that carry the poly bushes, then fix two drop links down to the lower wish bones? In theory it is that simple, but me being me and my need to get everything looking symmetrical, it was not -*Big Sigh*.

The poly bush mounts fitted easily but with the rear anti roll bar up in place, the problems started…

No matter which way I bolted the drop links to the lower wishbones, one drop link was to the inside and the other landed on the outside of the anti roll bar. Yes, it was only half an inch off centre but this ‘really twisted my melon man’ as Bez from the Happy Mondays would say.

It was also on my mind that every club member following behind the Coupe on the road would pull me up on this minor glitch.

This is because the lower drop links are visible from the rear clearly showing the drops links in different positions! So to avoid future ‘Extraction of Urine’ from my dear friends, it was off to the machine shop once again to make some spacer bushes to centralise the drop links.

Next up was the front anti roll bar. This had to be an easier task than the rear right? Yet again I was wrong as this was not the case.

With the poly bush brackets fitted, I offered the anti roll bar up only to find the lower radiator pipe was fouling the anti roll bar.

This was not as big an issue as I first thought and with a little adjustment to the poly bush brackets I managed to maintain sufficient clearance.

Fortunately on the front, the drop links lined up with the lower Wish bones Hallelujah !

Moving forward with the next task, this was to fit the front and rear inner wheel. The inner wings were a fairly simple task. However it did require some trimming to follow the curves of the inner wings and this was a nice steady job. I had previously etch primed the panels and coated them with Raptor ready to fit.

On to the next job, one I had been putting off but one of those I needed to get over the line. This was to tidy up the wiring behind the dash, not my favourite job.

But needs must and after much fiddling I had the loom supported and sitting well behind the dashboard, I was finally happy with it.

I had earlier wired it roughly to get the engine started, but needed to tidy things up and make it more permanent.

I’ve also finished the neat fuel filler and started making preparations to have the windscreen bonded into place, which again will make the car look totally different. Really looking forward to the screen going in!

Once the screen is fitted I have the carpets to fit in the cockpit and then the installation of the seats and harness’s. I did say in the last article that we would be through IVA at this stage, however as is often the case with projects, only limited progress has been possible recently so apologies this article is not too detailed.

On a brighter note it will give you all something else to look forward to in the next issue of Snake Torque! Oh and we may let you in on our next build project in the next issue too so watch this space!